About Illusive moose

Illusive moose is a new online marketplace started by Ivansky Consulting Inc. We are now looking to attract new costumers as well as business owners and sellers.

Ideas behind the marketplace

This website was started and developed in early 2021 when Canadian small businesses were being ravaged by the coronavirus government restrictions. Illusive Moose was started with an idea of helping small Canadian business create an online presence and allowing them to operate from home.

What can we offer to costumers ?

Illusive Moose supports payments with cryptocurrency allowing you to exchange your dogecoin, bitcoin, dash and litecoin for products and gift cards.

Your purchases will be used to support local Canadian bussiness.

We approach our custumers individualy via phone. You will never be confronted with an automatic voice system when looking for help, submitting feedback, asking questins or resolving issues.

What can we offer to business owners ?

Based in canada we are full comparible with the Canadian tax system

We activelly advertize registered businesses and activelly work to increase their visibility on Google.

What can we offer to sellers ?

You will also the ability to profit from the growth in the cryptocurrency sector as we support bitcoin, dogecoin, dash and litecoin payments as your custumers will have the ability to use crypto for their purchases.

We are planning on adding even more support for new growing cryptocurrencies

We will activelly advetize products registered on Illusive Moose using a variety of methods.

Illusive Moose provides advices on how to improve your product description to increase your number of views, clicks and purchases.