Register in Illusive moose business directory

Illusive Moose maintains a business directory allowing you to increase the online visibility of your business by creating an account and filling a short registration form. Registering in the directory is free.

How to register your business ?

NOTE: Illusive Moose will never target you with any marketing emails after your registration. We see this type of marketing as outdated. You will only receive transaction-related emails and confirmation emails.

Step 1

First step in the process is account creation. Create your account here to ensure that only you have access to edit your business listing.

Step 2

The second step in the process involves creating your businesses here and making it publicly visible to everyone.

At this point your shop is visible to everybody and searchable on google.

Have more questions ?

Fill out our help and feedback form here if you have more questions about how to register your business on our business directory.