Illusive Moose now supports crypto payments

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The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin are now accepted by Illusive Moose allowing our costumers to buy products without the need to own fiat money. Each cryptocurrency has different transaction speed and different transaction cost. Please see our pages for the individual cryptocurrencies for details. For simplicity, we decided to focus on cryptocurrencies derived from Bitcoin for now.


Owner of a cryptocurrency account possesses two separate keys: the private key and the public key.

Public key

Public key also known as public address is used by the to receive transactions from other people. In general it is possible to see the balance of any public address using a block explorer website such as Public key is used as a destination of a cryptocurrency transaction.

Sharing public key with anybody can do no harm. Public key does not provide access to your account.

Below is an example of a public test bitcoin address.


Here is an example of data available publicly about this bitcoin test address.

Private key

A private key must not be shared with anybody as it facilitates access to a cryptocurrency account. In general a cryptocurrency wallet is used to store and manage private keys. See the wiki page on cryptocurrency wallets for more details.

Below is an example of a private bitcoin key.


Cryptocurrency payment

You need the public key/address

In order to submit a cryptocurrency payment one first needs the destination public key. On Illusive Moose, this address becomes visible when you click on the cryptocurrency payment button.

Illusive Moose maintains a different public address for every user.

Send money to public key/address

Use your bitcoin wallet to submit the payment to the public address provided.

Here is a nice video tutorial describing how to submit a payment using an electrum wallet.

Press the submit button

Once the payment has been confirmed press the submit button in the cryptocurrency dialog. After the server-side verification your payment will be completed.

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