How to sell on Illusive Moose

Thank you for choosing to create a shop on Illusive moose. This platform was only started in March 2021 allowing you to become one of the first businesses to register on this website. We pledge to provide heavy advertising for your products helping you achieve maximum sales.


Paypal account

- Right now the only available method to receive a seller payout is via paypal. Please ensure there is a PayPal account associated with your email address before registering your shop on Illusive moose.

Products to sell

- Illusive moose mainly aims to attract sellers that are able to continuously produce or obtain products. Please do not register products that you know you will only be able to produce a limited quantity of.

Ability to deliver products

- Please ensure you are able to deliver your products to end custumers after you receive notification that your product has been sold. This required either making the product available for curbside pickup or ability to visit a Post Office.

Understanding of our seller agreement

- Please review our and ensure you agree with and understand all points.

Steps in the process

Create a PayPal account

If you do not have a PayPal account yet please visit Create PayPal account and create an account.

Please make note of the email address you have used in your PayPal registration as the same address will be used to process your payouts.

Create a user account

Visit Register and submit the registration form. Then log in here Login using the credentials you have selected.

Make sure that the email that you have used in registration is the email address associated with your PayPal account.

Within few hours after a successful registration you will receive a confirmation email.

Opening a new shop on Illusive Moose

Visit Create shop and submit the form. After that a new drop down menu titled "My shop" should appear in the upper part of the screen.

Creating a product

Visit Create product and submit the form.

Once you press submit you will have to wait for a period of time for your product to be approved. You will be notified about the approval via email. You may also be asked to make changes to the product.

Note that the product price visible to the public will be different than the one you will enter as a part of the form.

Also note that it is your responsibility to correctly select the shipping price, shipping method and the tax amounts.

Selling a product

This part of the process is taken care of my us.

Once the product is approved it will be picked up by our algorithms and converted into a advertisement visible on various other websites and targeted to specific groups of people. It should take a maximum of 2 days for a product to appear in advertisements and about 3 days for the product to be appear on search engines.

Short instruction video

Shipping your product

It is your responsibility as a seller to check the My shops orders section daily to ensure you are informed all the new orders that buyers are submitting to you.

Once your shop receives a new order you are expected to ship the order so that it arrives to buyer no later than in 14 days.

Receiving your payout

You will receive a compensation for the goods you have sent 21 days after processing an order provided there is no negative feedback from the buyer. You will receive the payout earlier if the buyer explicitly confirms she/he has received your products.

Have more questions ?

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